To build a new world, we must first understand our role within it.

The collective only exists if I am part of it. Who am I in relation to others?

How do I place myself within my environment? What energy do I emanate in my actions?

These provocations are just a starting point for Vento 2017. Look within, and build a new world.

We want to leave you with this initial provocation: what role do you play in all of this? Who are you in this world?

We understand that, in order to create a more sustainable life, we must connect with the divine

and create a deeper and more profound relationship with Nature, the world’s most important technology.

How do we turn the collective into a place for me to intentionally exist within?

Only in this way can we truly BE  collective.



Céu     Tulipa Ruiz       Johnny Hooker    KARINA BURH      MAHMUNDI     Filipe Catto     LINIKER     Lira      O Terno      Guizado     Saulo Duarte e a Unidade     INKY     Jaloo     Bonde do Rolê     Aldo – The Band     Serge Erege      Russo Passapusso      Aláfia     bahias e a cozinha mineira     HoLGER     RUSSO PASSAPUSSO     LAY    GUIZADO

SAMUCA E A SELVA     DOM PESCOÇO     MC LIN DA QUEBRADA     RICO DALASSAM     FREE BEATS     NORMA NASCIMENTO     FIDURA CARDIAL      PIRATAS DA ILHA     Metá Metá     Abayomy     Francisco, El Hombre     Tono     Macaco Bong     Dani Negra e Craca     Negro Léo Mombojó     Anelis Assumpção     Ava Rocha     Paula Cavaliuk     Do Amor



Previous editions of Vento made a considerable echo in the local national media. Mention of Vento reached audiences in more than 24 Brazilian cities through print and digital media outlets. The second edition generated even more noise, making itself the subject of various print news outlets, magazines, TV program specials and various “best of” lists, with Vento entering its third year of being named of Brazil’s top 5 most interesting music festivals.

“No other music festival in the country [Brazil] can equal Vento in coherence.”

THALES DE MENEZES, music and culture journalist


Lucas Oliveira,  music journalist


Gabriel Nunes, special reporter RS


João Paulo Carvalho, special reporter


“Vento is not a festival of large proportions. That’s also not the idea. It’s the exchange, of ideas, of love and affection, between artists, audience, organizers, speakers, who are engaged in a program that’s focus on more than just music. Vento opens up the space for pertinent and necessary discussions, including gender, feminism, and much more. The musical acts, most certainly, are the entrance to the world of Vento. And, for two years in a row, they’ve been historial.”


PEDRO ANTUNES, culture writer



More than 12000 people have passed through Vento in only two editions on Ilhabela!


More than 8000 people were at Vento’s 2016 edition, actively participating in the festival’s 4 days, maintaining a constant flux at the festival beach grounds for 12 hours everyday.

A democratic space

Vento’s public is rather diverse, and the open access contributes to this further. In numbers, the majority is made up of 54% women, and 46% men, aged between 25 and 40 years old and coming from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba. Much of the festival’s public includes artists, independent musicians, journalists, freelancers, academics and young people are curious about deconstructing our current systems and engaging in movements addressing sustainability, identity and new cultural paradigms.






12m stage with

a very large visual









Vento’s dome structure holds up to 400 people and is one of the festivals hottest spots, hosting talks, conversation circles and workshop. At nights it turns into Vento’s second stage, making space for intimate shows, spoken word presentations, and late night DJ sessions from local

collective Free Beats.


“Urgent ideas for a present future”


VILA vento


An area of 1000 square meters on the festival grounds, home to our bar, carefully chosen food trucks, highly curated stores, in addition to our own, and collaboratively created brand activations very popular amongst our fans. If you’re not at the stage, you’re at Vila Vento.


 open Mic

In our three years of Vento activity, the open Mic contest is one of our proudest accomplishments, an action that currently features 10 talented national artists competing for a spot in this year’s festival through listen counts on Spotify and a live streaming of a performance voted on by the public.